Are you prepared for a phone interview? Don’t take it lightly. You need to have your mind in the right place and be as prepared for a phone interview as you would be for a suit and tie panel interview. Here are some brief points to think about. Again, some Internet research can fill in any blanks or questions you may have.

Be prepared. All the regular interview prep counts here.

Make sure you reserve plenty of time.

Find a quiet place with NO distractions.

Have your Resume, notes, extra pens and paper ready. Have your computer on and ready but don’t plan on using it during the interview unless asked.  It’s a distraction and you may miss something.

Have some water with you but no food.

Smile. Your attitude will be reflected in your voice.

Speak slowly and directly.

Don’t discuss Salary or compensation during a first Phone Interview. If asked, be brief and concise.

Consider showering and dressing (business casual) for the interview. It typically changes a persons frame of mind when they are clean and dressed to go somewhere versus roaming the house in a robe with their hair standing up.

Try to have a basic list of relevant questions. The Interviewer may answer some or most of them during the interview but its good to come back with something to show interest and perception.


Interview over a Meal

Everything else still applies.

Order a small dish that has a low risk of making a mess.

Don’t drink Alcohol. If everyone else does, a simple cocktail or beer could be used as a ‘prop’ but avoid finishing it.

Know basic table manners and especially don’t talk with food in your mouth.

Don’t forget your list of questions and ask for contact info.