Most people have heard of the ‘Elevator Interview’ You suddenly find yourself in an Elevator with an important person you would like to work for. They give, or you have the opportunity to speak for the duration of the elevator ride.

In 30 seconds you need to impress someone enough to want to hear more about you. Your not closing a billion dollar deal, just buying more time. If you come off as interesting or show promise, you may just get your foot in the door. If you come off as less than stellar, your chances may be doomed forever. So what do you do?

Some would say do nothing. Knowing exactly what you want in life and being prepared can make all the difference in the world. We are not here to tell you what you want but some preparation and practice could save you in a pinch.

You should have several 30 second interviews prepared. If you are a very closed minded person and can only think of one, get out there!

The Cab Ride

Lets say you just got the opportunity to share a cab with a perspective employer. Maybe you are stuck in a lunch line behind the HR manager of a group you want to work in. Maybe you are waiting in the lobby of your kids school for them to get ready for the annual holiday play and you realize the person next to you is the CEO of the local Charity you have been dreaming of working for. This could be an opportunity to expand your 30 second pitch into a few minutes. You need to have a little more material prepared. Maybe you could get some practice or experience in discussing current events with a stranger. the point is, you need to do something! Practice, Practice, Practice…

Also take the time to learn about reading people. If you suddenly¬† sense the person is bored or distracted, you must terminate the conversation quickly and friendly. Don’t let them remember you as being annoying.