Welcome to Blast off Consulting. We are here to help you launch your career. We specialize in interview coaching and can help with career counseling. There are lots of internet sites about interviewing techniques and coaching. We’re not going to tell you something that isn’t out there in electron land but we’ll try to put a different spin on it and give you a simple quick reference source.

The most important thing you can do is PREPARE! Preparation is everything. You might not need a personal coach to do this but it can help. regardless of whether you seek out a coach or not, lets try to give you some basic tools to ace the most important test of your life! Preparing for an interview is learning a new life skill that everyone MUST have. You MUST be able to sell yourself and communicate your abilities to anyone in any environment.

You have one goal. You want to leave an interviewer with the impression you answered every question exactly like they wanted, with confidence and clarity. You want them to believe you are THE ideal candidate for the job.

There are specific types of interviews related to unique job skills, case studies related to Law, Business, and consulting, etc. There are written tests and interviews that may test thinking skill and  subject knowledge. In reality, there are two ‘interview styles’ that most people should be concerned with. These are often referred to as Traditional and Behavioral. These styles should be well prepared and practiced. Mastery of the other specific types of interviews will come easy after this.

Follow the tabs above. Once you are familiar with the styles and formats, you can refer back to the site for quick reminders in the future.

So like any professional athlete or actor, go get a coach and practice, practice, practice…